Leeds Hack - the original hackathon up north - is returning in October 2016. Teams of up to four compete for 24 hours to create the most innovative hack they can to solve the challenges set by our sponsors. At the end of the hack each team presents their idea to the rest of the audience. Judges for each challenge pick a winning hack and prizes are handed out during an awards ceremony.



Leeds Hack 2016 is being hosted by Futurelabs

Futurelabs, Second Floor, 1 Eastgate, Leeds

The main entrance is on Eastgate with overnight access available from Lady Lane.


It’s time for you to “Func-off”

We love functional languages here at Sky and we hope that you do too? We want to see your completely over the top “Hello world!” application.

You can ring my ring my bell...

Solve Futurelabs' doorbell problem

Best .tech website

Create a hack or website on a .tech domain

Best in Show

The coveted Leeds Hack 2016 Best In Show award will go to most original and innovative hack.

Arup Challenge

Deduce the probability that any given piece of land will get planning permission approved using open data from SHLAAData Mill North and any other public datasets.

Company Challenge

You all know that your company's dev team is the best. It's time to prove it.

University Challenge

What can you discover? Gaia is an ambitious mission to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, in the process revealing the composition, formation and evolution of the Galaxy.


None of this would be possible without the support of our sponsors. Whether it's providing pizza, drinks or a roof over our head, these sponsors are the people that make Leeds Hack happen.


Leeds Hack Updates

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Our amazing partners support us with their experience, advice and good will - helping us put together the best hack day possible.