Leeds Hack

Leeds Hack returns 2nd & 3rd August 2014

LeedsHack is back with a new URL

So yeah.. I accidently let the old domain name expire.. Sorry about that..

The new site is being worked on at the moment, but the new date for your diary is the FIRST weekend in August (ignore all the other days that may have been posted before.

Tickets and Partner information up soon

Pondering Participation

One of the things we want to improve with LeedsHack is attendance, every year we have to give away almost double the ticket allocation to get the numbers we expect, we do sell out of tickets no matter how many we release but the amount of people who just don’t turn up is unsustainable.

One of the biggest costs for LeedsHack is food and drink and without an accurate headcount we either end up with too much food (wasting money) or too little (leaving people hungry).

We aren’t the only event that suffers from this, I know many other organisers of free events that have a similar drop off rate so we are asking what do you think we can do to improve this?

I don’t want to start charging for LeedsHack tickets (as this has been suggested several times) but as an experiment for the next three weeks, you can preorder your LeedsHack ticket for £10 (and you can also prebook which table you want go on!) Not only will this help with some of the Food costs, attaching a value to a ticket should make people more inclined to attend.

But what do you think we should do?

Answers in the comments!

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Special thanks to martin cunningham for the amazing photos