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Leeds Hack returns 22nd & 23rd August 2015

Welcome to 2015!

LeedsHack is back and a little later this year. The Museum has welcomed us back for the third year in a row and we are very excited to return on the 22nd and 23rd of August 2015.

We’ve plenty of announcements to come including Sponsors, Partners and Prizes but for now just make sure you get your tickets

LeedsHack Midnight Update

If you’re wondering how our teams are responding to this year’s challenges and how they’re progressing, have a read of our overview of each of the teams below written by our roving reporter Cheery Little Thing. In some cases you can follow the teams online to see how their ideas develop overnight.


Team: The One With The Big Red Button

Project Overview: If you don’t press the big red button at a certain time, it will have consequences for your PayPal funds – money will be donated to charity

Progress: 50% of the way, the design aspect and UI is left

Twitter: @1stvamp


Team: Car Dash

Project Overview: A touch screen computer integrated into a car dash which can play music.

Progress: The device was soldered before the event and the time at Leeds Hack is being used to work out how to get the device to communicate with other platforms, tell the time, show the music on the device and play tracks.

Twitter: @caius


Team: Eh Aye

Project Overview: Working on the PayPal challenge.

Progress: It’s too early at this stage to say what the final product will be as they’re currently making up the idea!



Team: The Blue Bandits

Project Overview: A response to the robot challenge in Minecraft.

Progress: A few robots have been made with one which has movement. Further observations and movements are to be added.



Team: 20q

Project Overview: A 20 questions game which introduces kids to coding.

Progress: The platform was developed pre Leeds Hack and Proactive Paul may look to create a 3D Pacman style game for the cube but the idea is still at embryonic stage.

Twitter: @proactivepaul


Team: Walrus Dash

Project Overview: A game which is like Flappy Birds on acid – a response to the most ridiculous hack challenge.

Progress: Currently coding and are at Level 3.



Team: Team Twerk

Project Overview: A twerking app and website – a response to the most ridiculous hack challenge. Essentially like fitbit but for twerking – graphs, multiplayer challenges etc.

Progress: There’s a multiplayer system but more needs plugging into it to make it a complete proposition. Anticipated that they’re a 3rd of the way.

Twitter: #teamtwerk


Team: 418 I’m a Teapot

Project Overview: A digital graffiti platform which creates a graffiti mural as you move your phone.

Progress: Changing platforms as Mac/PC relationship isn’t ideal and this takes them back a step but shouldn’t cause too many issues.

Twitter: #spraytag


Team: We’ll Tell You Later

Project Overview: A robot which can both move autonomously and by PC commands.

Progress: Robot is moving around autonomously, some work to be done with how it avoids objects within 30 centimetres and it’s likely that the team will programme in some dance moves.



Team: Just Lee

Project Overview: An online xml editor which has validating, viewing and editing features.

Progress: Validating and Viewing features are nearly there but still some work to do with the Editing aspect. Further thought will be given to other features that would be handy for developers.

Twitter: @leeglestone


Team: Hack Around The Clock

Project Overview: A device made from a Raspberry Pi and webcam which plays an annoying song when it catches people falling asleep.

Progress: Currently working on the motion tracking software.



Team: Macintosh+

Project Overview: Text roulette – anonymous texts with other people and possibly a computer

Progress: Only just starting on the project but confident that it will be complete for presentations.



Team: Willy

Project Overview: A card game using APIs and Socket 10. You send numbers via text to reveal images and if they match, they stay revealed.

Progress: Currently at testing phase with a live demo but they need to get the scoring working.



Team: Team Sean

Project Overview: A Google Chrome extension which uses the Place Kitty API to change Facebook to KittyBook – all images and names change so it looks as though all posts are from the same user based on the API.

Progress: Already finished.



Team:  Sam Mackin

Project Overview: A Jedi Detector which is a website and which alerts you to the amount of jedis in the area by the length of the lightsaber. It uses geolocation technology, ONS API and UK jedi average.

Progress: There’s a bit of work to do to improve the mobile version.



Team: Rahim

Project Overview: Something based around the cube – idea not finalised.

Progress: Currently being testing what already exists and is contemplating using the cube as a graphic visualiser or game.



Team: Just John

Project Overview: Space Invaders in 3D using the cube.

Progress: Almost finished. You can view progress on github.



Team: Two by Two

Project Overview: Million Kitty Page – a website where you bid to sponsor an image and when the price is authorised the image turns from black and white to colour. All money raised goes to charity.

Progress: Working on back end stuff and front end visuals look as though they’re near completion. Visit /millionkittyapi on github for updates.



Team: Two by Two

Project Overview:  Hacking pixel editor to create a display on the cube.

Progress: The display doesn’t yet communicate with the cube.



Team:  Two by Two

Project Overview: Noughts and Crosses game for the cube.

Progress: Just started coding and there’s quite a lot left to do.



Team: Lost Shap

Project Overview: An arduino robot made from Meccano. Operated by an Android smartphone.

Progress: App has been developed and is working with the robot. Lasers and dashboards to be added tomorrow.

Twitter: @tyrellmobile


Team: Gnomeageddon

Project Overview: A survival shooter – survive against evil gnomes via this multiplayer game.

Progress: The team started with a demo and have been modifying elements to create new features. It’s anticipated that they will have a prototype to test gameplay by the end of the hack.



Progress correct up until 9pm on 2nd August 2014.

Pondering Participation

One of the things we want to improve with LeedsHack is attendance, every year we have to give away almost double the ticket allocation to get the numbers we expect, we do sell out of tickets no matter how many we release but the amount of people who just don’t turn up is unsustainable.

One of the biggest costs for LeedsHack is food and drink and without an accurate headcount we either end up with too much food (wasting money) or too little (leaving people hungry).

We aren’t the only event that suffers from this, I know many other organisers of free events that have a similar drop off rate so we are asking what do you think we can do to improve this?

I don’t want to start charging for LeedsHack tickets (as this has been suggested several times) but as an experiment for the next three weeks, you can preorder your LeedsHack ticket for £10 (and you can also prebook which table you want go on!) Not only will this help with some of the Food costs, attaching a value to a ticket should make people more inclined to attend.

But what do you think we should do?

Answers in the comments!

LeedsHack is back with a new URL

So yeah.. I accidently let the old domain name expire.. Sorry about that..

The new site is being worked on at the moment, but the new date for your diary is the FIRST weekend in August (ignore all the other days that may have been posted before.

Tickets and Partner information up soon

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